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APICS Executive Briefing: Demand Forecasting & Inventory Planning for Manufacturers & Distributors by John A. Estep, E/Step Software Inc. Introduction. A process to develop tactical plans that provide management the ability to strategically direct its Balances supply and demand at the product family level. purchasing and supply management best practices in exactly the same way. quality management, demand management, distribution planning, and manufacturing Out of Your Investment,” APICS—The Performance Advantage .

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Subscribe to this weekly e-newsletter. APICS research cuts through the clutter and brings you critical ideas and innovations in supply chain management, best practices, how-to steps, and practical advice that give you and your organization a competitive advantage.

APICS, through a partnership with The Manufacturing Institute, explores how manufacturing and supply chain can attract, retain and advance women. Most popular apics authors. With the advent of new technologies, demand signal repositories, better latency and predictive analytics, is it possible that POS data has the potential to become a primary demand signal?

Demand Planning, Forecasting and S&OP

Patent research and analysis can be demanx to make procurement and strategy-related decisions and as a catalyst to derive dynamic insights — from early indications about future strategies of competitors or suppliers to innovation trends within a category.

The best supply chain managers are also effective negotiators.

Sure, negotiation skills are essential to purchasing — but they also play an important role in inventory management and transportation and logistics. Interestingly, some of the most essential negotiation skills also happen to be displayed each week on those reality TV shows about world-famous pawn shops.

Principles of Demand Management

Without a demand plan as a starting point, not much else can happen in the cycle. There would be no supply and demand balancing exercise, plan valuation, or scenario planning. Some of them also conducted supply review meetings, and a few held formal portfolio review meetings.


But every single one had a consensus meeting. I am currently shopping for software. No doubt many of you just cringed at those words — and your empathy is appreciated, but I really am excited to be leading this effort. Increasingly, company executives are viewing supply chain functions as critical to business success. This shift has driven initiatives across organizations that aim to improve performance, lead to more effective decision-making processes, and balance and align supply and demand.

Spanish clothing and accessories retailer Zara has been mentioned in this department frequently in the past few years. The company is famous for being able to receive an idea from a retail store manager and, as little as two weeks later, have the new product available for purchase. This continuous flow of new designs — rather than characteristic seasonal releases — is transforming the fast-fashion industry. One of my master planners recently asked me: Many years ago, when I was an automotive industry plant materials manager, I faced a big challenge.

Although we had initially been very successful at implementing a fully integrated ERP system driven by forecasts, material requirements planning and bills of material, it was discovered that pallets, corrugated boxes, dunnage and other packaging items were essentially impossible to plan for. White Plains, New York-based personal care company Combe is fresh off the battlefield of the recent launch of its first consumer-facing omnichannel portal for the Just for Men hair care product line.

Demand Planning, Forecasting and S&OP

IBP is a best-practice model that extends the principles of sales and operations planning to delivery a seamless management process. A janagement conducted exercise using QFD enables businesses to determine the degree of product customization required, the necessary lead time, feature and function combinations, the degree of integration and other differentiators needed, and more key information about potential products and services However, you still can—and definitely should—forecast.

Even though reality often varies from the forecast, the variation usually is very slight, so only modest adjustments are required. This means that your plans need to be good, not perfect. Apparently, some of the conference participants had heard conflicting information from speakers—as well as colleagues and peers—about the correct duration. Delivering value to your customers hinges on the end-to-end, interdependent supply chain.


The scope of viletype network includes some elements that you command, but it also demands reliance on partner organizations that extend far beyond your direct control. Early in my career, I was given some arm-around-the shoulder advice by a mentor.

More and more, companies that used to treat capacity tactically are beginning to view it as a fundamental business strategy. When determining how to best approach capacity, there are three basic janagement to consider.

Instead, it focuses on a very narrow, yet very pragmatic, topic: Please review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and indicate your acceptance by clicking “agree” below. Review our author guidelines.

Are you a supply chain superhero? Share your story in “Supply Chain Matters. Submit it to our “Lessons Learned” department.

Is your company doing big things worthy of recognition? APICS Research Reports APICS research cuts through the clutter and brings you fileytpe ideas and innovations in supply chain management, best practices, how-to steps, and practical advice that give you and your organization a competitive advantage. Women in Manufacturing APICS, through a partnership with The Manufacturing Institute, explores how manufacturing and supply chain can attract, retain and advance women.

Close existing Demannd popular apics authors Click to select: Are You Having Chewy Conversations?

Making the Case for Integrated Business Planning. Smart Leaders Enable Collaborative Design. Sales and Operations Planning from an Omnichannel Perspective. Planning and Delivering on What Customers Want.

Principles of Demand Management

Heading for the Win A real-world lesson in capacity strategy. You have free articles left to view this month. JOIN Already have an account?


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