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The BCFP in Nutshell 16 Gbps exam study guide is now available at: http://www. I realized last night that I hadn’t listened to the BCFP nutshell guide (the one with audio) so I quickly went through that and I believe it helped a. There will be a BCFA in Nutshell study guide in the next week. That is what you want to prepare for the exam. The existing BCFP in a Nutshell is.

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I’m about a month away from starting a new job where I’ll be exposed to SANs. I’d like to start reading and learning more about them and wasn’t sure where a good place to start was. Any advise will be much appreciated. The best way to learn is to start doing though.

Download some storage software and start using it. You need to remember there are two parts to a SAN Most people call the array the SAN and forget about the networking. So do you want to focus on first If you are going to do IBM stuff, they also have simulators for their Storwize products.

For DS8k series there are people you can talk to that can get you access to real hardware for training purposes.

Brocade has certifications that are actually fairly well recognized in terms of Fiber Channel and SANs Can I nibble this thread for folks wanting to get into things a bit deeper? I’m in a netapp filer with brocade switch environment. Also to start managing netapp?

  FCRA 1976 PDF

Best resources for learning SANs

Brocade has some free education on their site. Just sign up and spend 4 years looking for it. I spent a couple minutes looking the other day and can’t find it in their education section, but it’s not a bad place to start.

This blog has some good reads on Brocade stuff as well. Just sign up and spend 4 years looking for it Start at http: It may be frombut the concepts haven’t changed much: I’m trying to remember when the old school Brocade switches went away and I’m ib it was later than that.

The Brocade courses are awesome. Ncfp fact that FC is free is awesome.

Best resources for learning SANs – Ars Technica OpenForum

That course sets you up to really understand the nuts and bolts of what’s happening under the covers when you assign someone a LUN or zone a server to a storage port.

I went deeper and did the Brocade Certified Fabric Administrator, but that’s probably overkill unless you have a lot of hardware and complexity in your fabrics. Ah the old soft hard zoneing terminaology You could still send a packet directly to another host by knowing it’s destination FCID.

Early on anytime you did wwn based zoning this was soft zoning Post 2Gb WWN based zoning was enforced by the asic until you hit a point where you had too many entries in your zoning database and the asic couldn’t conitnue to enforce this.

So thinking back it still probably a thing but was mostly around the 1gb to 2gb transition Some people equate hard zoning to port zoning because it was a restriction. I’ve never heard of “soft zoning” and I’m a storage admin since ! So I wouldn’t worry about it. So many memories though Best resources for learning SANs 23 posts. What kind of storage will you be using?


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