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BSNL JTO Examination Results, All India Merit List · Call letter result. RAJU.A Says: December 29, at am | Reply. PLEASE. HYDERABAD: The results of graduate engineer junior telecom officer’s examination held on June 15 this year are available on BSNL website. B.S.N.L RESULT. when wil B.S.N.L JTO result out? Posted by devin at AM 1 comment: · Home. Subscribe to: Posts (Atom).

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Which Vitamin is found in Oranges and Lemons? Who is known as Iron man of India? With which Indian state does the International border of Myanmar does not touch? Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur,Mizoram etc. I agree with the proposal. A map was given with West Bengal and Kerala was shaded. Question was- what is the main product of the shaded places? Four sentences were given and a grammatically correct sentence was to be founded.

French live in France. What is Kalpana-2 Satellite meant for?

Kalpana is tracking monsoons. I think there is only Kalpana You see satellite images of Kalpana-1 tracking the onset of Monsoon and depressions in Bay of Bengal. Who Got First Woman Grandslam?

The answer is S. When is Telecommunications Day? Telecommunications Day was celebrated last month.

The date is 17th May. Which Gas is responsible for Green House Effect? CO2 Carbon dioxide A large group of islands is know as archipelago.

From Section — 1 and 2 mixed 1. Kelvin Double Bridge 2. L and C given and Characteristic impedance was to be found. After what wavelength all the properties of Tx lines repeats itself? As compared to twisted pair linesthe repeater spacing requirement in Optical fiber is more or less or same? A RAM has 32 address lines and 16 Output lines. What is memory size? Which programmable interface of microprocessor is bit set reset mode? One input is T and other input is grounded.

What is its output? A Figure was given…. An assembly language program was given and T states for all instructions were given. Total frequency was to be calculated.

JTO and BSNL JTO Results

Specific resistance for Cu and Al is given. Diameter of Cu is given. For same resistance per unit length what is radius of Al in mm. A Memory was there. What is address range? In order to measure vsnl volatage of thermocouple the amplifier should have ………….


Commendale considering you are doing on memory. I agreed — the proposal??

Ceramic is used gesult Attenuator,conductor,capacitor,all Ans: Amplitude of the carrier is varied according 2 the modulating signal. Which of the following cannot be connected usuing a multimedia card—- ans: Pleasesend me the result of JTO exam on my email id given shashikantchoudhari yahoo. O result out plse tell me sir plse send mail iam wating for ur replay sir.

Hello sir, jro will be the exam: Thank you for updating in the website.

John Logie Bairdthe Scotsman who was the first person in the world to demonstrate a working television system in jan Can i know the recently held Jun papers plz forward me at his mail mdisahaq gmail. I will be grateful to u for this kind. Resklt in the flow of ECE Am i eligible or not? Tech at march please say that rfsult i eligible for the exam or not? Please send me a sample question papers for TTA examination conducting on jan to my emil address plzzzzzzzzzz.

Some candidates are not happy with the allottment of the circles. All those candidates willing to get their circles changed can apply either through email or by mail.

It would be better if you can call me to get further information on how to file requests for circle allotment shifting. Alternatively, you can send sealed envelopes with your request backed by sufficient documents to the following address: My mobile Number is I am interested in exploringthe possibility of seeking employment with your organization.

Please find myresume enclosed, it will. References and any otherinformation you require.

My attached CV will indicatethat I have gone beyond my courses that will, I am certain, bring additionalvalue to your. Can u send it to my mail?

BSNL JTO 2007/2008 Questions and Solutions

Could u plz clarify me whether the question pattern will be the same for every department. I am IT student. I will be thankful to u. I want to know the guide book by which i can qualify the JTO telecom exam.

I heard that no interview round for J. Hello sir, this is karuna iam going to write J. Also can you please suggest some good books also?

Sir, Please send me the previous question papers of JTO exam and also guide me how to prepare within this 3 months. Also suggest the name of the best guide with which i can pass the exam.

O telecom with key and tell me guidelines for praperation. Sir i want to appear for the Jto Paper. Please recommend me any Previous paper Question bank. Please tell me whether negative marking is there or not and suggest me what book to be used for JTO — telecom information tchnology Stream and please send me old question papers of JTO -Telecom stream.


Thank you for provide material my request to you add more paper also add book so every people use it and try to qualify in JTO Please sent me GTO examination question paper for previous years. Could you plz tell me which guide book has to follow to qualify JTO telecom exam? If possible,can u send me the last 3 years JTO question papers…Thanks for your information…. I want how to qualify for this exam. Pls send me information about negative marking on my email for jto exam.

Also send me previous 5 years question paper and answer. My stream is ECE…. Am I eligible to apply for jto telecome test. What books are preferable to prepare for those exam.

And also send jto model papers. By the way all letters in my email-id are small letters ok. Hi Sir, Please send me the last five years JTO Examination paper and please suggest me the exact book 2 follow, to my mail id. Please send me the old JTO Exam papers of as many years as you can on my e-mail Id and also suggest me a book for the preparation of the above.

Dear friends please suggest me the best guide for preparing JTO Telecom Please send me previous question papers of JTO Telecom exams so that i will be benefited by you.

I jt to know the reference book for the preparation for jto and please tell me site address r book name for previous solved papers of jto. Respected Sir, I want to know the reference book for the preparation for jto and please tell me site address r book name for previous solved papers of jto for my email ID.

All the best dudes who wer atending d xam. I am an IT student. So i dont have knowledge about electronic paper.


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