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VueScan is the best way to get your Canon MP working on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS Mojave, and more. See why over 10 million people. Scanning multiple documents at one time using ScanGear MP (Windows) Scanning Multiple Documents Using ScanGear MP (Windows). This file is a TWAIN-compliant scanner driver for Canon color image File name : ; File version: b.

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When the one-click mode screen has opened, click the Switch Mode button to switch to the navigation mode screen. If the Show this window at startup checkbox is not selected, the last used screen opens.

You can complete from scanning to saving, etc. See the section below for details. Easy Scanning with One-click. Place the document face-down on the platen, and select Document Type. When you select Magazine Colorthe Descreen function will be enabled and scanning takes longer than usual. To reset the Descreen function, disable Descreen in the Scan Settings dialog box. The Scan Settings Dialog Box opens.

Specify the Document Size and Scanning Resolution. When scanning is completed, the Ohw Complete dialog box opens. Select Scan or Exit. Select Scan to scan the next document, or select Exit to end.

How do I scan from a Canon MP and cap… – Apple Community

When scanning is completed, the scanned image appears in the Thumbnail List area. When there are multiple images, first select images to edit. Selected images are outlined in orange.

Use edit tools to rotate images, select a part of an image, etc. When Save is selected: The Save dialog box opens. Specify the destination folder, file name and file type. See the section below for details on the Save dialog box.


When Save as PDF file is selected: The Save as PDF file dialog box opens. Specify the file type, file name and destination folder. You cannot select PDF files created with other applications.

Scan using MP Navigator EX – MP610 (Windows)

PDF files edited in other applications cannot be selected as well. PDF Multiple Pages is displayed when multiple images are selected.

Scanned images are saved according to the settings. You can complete from scanning to saving easily by scann clicking the corresponding icon. Omit this step if the one-click mode screen opened in Step 2. The Save dialog box opens when you click this button. Save as PDF file. The PDF dialog box opens when you click this button.

The Mail dialog box opens when you click this button. Specify the save settings and e-mail software program, and scan.

The OCR dialog box opens when you click this button. Specify the save settings and application, and scan.

Scanning Images – Canon Pixma MP Quick Start Manual [Page 23]

For further procedures, refer to the manual of the application. The Ml610 dialog box opens when you click this button. When saving multiple files, 4 digits are appended to each file name. The Save dialog box allows you to specify advanced settings for saving images to a computer.

When saving to a memory card, enable writing on the card slot of the machine. For details on how to enable writing, refer to the manual of the machine. Enter the file name of the image to be saved up to 32 characters. Select a file type to save the scanned image. You can specify a compression type for JPEG files. Save to a Subfolder with Current Date. Select this to create a subfolder in the folder specified in Save in with the current date and save scanned images in it.

If this checkbox is not selected, files are saved directly in the folder mp6100 in Save in.


You cannot save images scanned at pixels or more in the vertical and horizontal directions. A4 or Letter-size document scanned at dpi. Check this setting to convert characters in a document to text data.

Canon PIXMA MP610

This will hw an easy search by keyword. Detect the orientation of text documents and rotate images. Detect the orientation of the document from the scanned text and rotates the scanned image to the correct orientation. This function may not scwn properly depending on the document language. Mp61 text documents written in languages that can be selected from Document Language are supported. The orientation of the following types of documents may not be corrected, as the text cannot be detected correctly.

Detects the scanned text and corrects the angle within The inclination of the following types of documents may not be corrected, as the text cannot be detected correctly. The following images can be compressed with high efficiency. To change the destination, click Browse Display the destination folder. MP Navigator EX t compatible with the following e-mail software programs: Selected images are added to a specified PDF file.

The images are added to the end of the PDF file. You cannot rearrange pages of the PDF file to which images are added. For JPEG images, you can select a compression type. However, JPEG images slightly degrade every time they are saved, and cannot return to their original state. It is recommended that you save in TIFF format if you will be editing the scanned image. Add selected images to a PDF file.


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