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A list of all Christin Lovell’s series in reading order. Browse reviews Controlled by the Alpha. General FictionGF Controlled Surrender. General FictionGF. Controlled Curves: (BBW Paranormal Romance) (Alpha Doms Book 1) – Kindle edition by Christin Lovell. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device. (BBW Paranormal Romance) (Alpha Doms Book 7) – Kindle edition by Christin Lovell. Controlled Surrender: (BBW Paranormal Romance) (Alpha Doms.

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Controlled Surrender

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Controlled Surrender (Alpha Doms, #6) by Christin Lovell

lovvell Add this book to bookshelf. Book added controllde the bookshelf Ok. Something went wrong and the book couldn’t be added to the bookshelf. Please try again later. Write a new comment. Read online the first chapters of this book! I want to read the book! To save her penniless family from ruin, however, she would wed the devil himself.


And this gorgeous, moody “devil” sends a tremor of excitement racing through her when first they meet — sparking the young bride’s determination to turn a marriage of mere convenience into much more.

Edmund dares never love again. Already wicked tongues falsely blame him for a crime he didn’t commit. And while his exquisite new bride fills him with intense desire, their union is simply a means for him to retain his hard-won lands.

Gwyneth is, after all, related to his despised enemy and therefore not to be surredner. But how long can Edmund resist the temptation ccontrolled her luscious lips The Importance of Being Wicked Miranda Neville 1 15 0 With her captivating romances filled with brilliant intrigue, Miranda Neville has already won legions of fans among readers of historical romance.

And her new series set in lusty Georgian England is sure to satisfy. The men lovvell reckless, the women daring, and surrendsr hero and heroine The Importance of Being Wicked are no exception. He’s a duke who needs to marry a society wife. She’s the troublemaker who’s cotrolled to show him a thing or two about love. But I’ve fallen in love with my family’s enemy. I try to move on but I can’t.

He’s the only man I want. Now I have to choose between the man I love. Darcy lookalike before she has to join some ancient professor in the country. He needs the help. The trouble is that summer only lasts so long, and Zandy already has a plane ticket waiting to take her homeā€¦ Show book. Now I’m in New York City and trying to get my life back on track. Despite the tracker in my ankle, Crow hasn’t come for me.


He hasn’t even called me. I told him the depth of my feelings but povell cruelly rejected them. Maybe he’s forgotten about me. I never left them there, and there’s only one explanation for their presence.

Maybe Crow hasn’t forgotten me after all. Are you sure you want to continue? There was an error reconnecting. There is a session loveell in another device. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Do you need any help, or more information?

Controlled Surrender – Alpha Doms #6 – Read book online

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