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Learn how the C# Guide can help you gain extensive knowledge on C#, whether you’re a new developer or a seasoned expert. This section contains links to C# programming walkthroughs. Creating a Windows Runtime Component in C# or Visual Basic and Calling it. 15 set. As linguagens que utilizam programação em camadas são todas linguagens de orientação a objeto como: Java, Delphi, Visual Basic, C#, ASP.

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A class library defines types and methods that are called by an application. Uma biblioteca de classes que direciona o.

A class library that targets the. NET implementation that supports that version of the. When you finish your class library, you can decide whether you want to distribute it as a third-party component or whether you want to include it as a bundled component with one or more applications.

For a list of the. NET Standard versions and the platforms they support, see. In this topic, you’ll create a simple utility library that contains a famadas string-handling method.


Desenvolvimento em Camadas com C#.NET by Carlos Olavo de Azevedo Camacho Júnior | LibraryThing

You’ll implement it as an extension method so that you can call it as if it were a member of the String class. Start by creating a solution for your class library project and its related projects.

A Visual Studio Solution just serves as a container for one or more projects. To create the solution: Crie seu projeto de biblioteca de classes: Create your class library project: NET Standard seguido pelo modelo de projeto Biblioteca de classes.

NET Standard project template. Na caixa de texto Nomedigite “StringLibrary” como o nome do projeto. In the Name text box, enter “StringLibrary” as the name of the project. Selecione OK para criar o projeto de biblioteca de classes. Select OK to create the class library project. The code window then opens in the Visual Studio development environment. Check to make sure that our library targets the correct version of the.

Right-click on the library project in the Solution Explorer windows, then select Properties. A caixa de texto Estrutura de Destino mostra que estamos direcionando o.

Desenvolvimento em Camadas com C#.NET

The Target Framework text box shows that we’re targeting. Replace the code in the code window with the following code vom save the file: A biblioteca de classes, UtilityLibraries. The class library, UtilityLibraries. StringLibrarycontains a method named StartsWithUpperwhich returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the current string instance begins with an uppercase character.


The Unicode standard distinguishes uppercase characters from lowercase characters.

C# Walkthroughs | Microsoft Docs

IsUpper Char method returns true if a character is uppercase. O projeto deve ser compilado sem erros. The project should compile without error. You’ve successfully built the library. Because you haven’t called any of its methods, you don’t know whether it works as expected. The next step in developing your library is to test it by using a Unit Test Project. Sair do modo de foco. Compile uma biblioteca de classes do.

NET Standard class library with C and the. Escolha o tipo que gostaria de fornecer:


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