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Can You See What I Can See Book () · Christi Friesen Summer Fun Book Bundle DRAGONS Book, Book – Christi Friesen – Bird Book (Revised), Book 7: . Dragons has 72 ratings and 4 reviews. Colleen said: I was privileged to take a Steampunk Hearts class last Friday with Christi at the CHA Craft SuperSh. Here be Dragons by Christi Friesen, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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I know that I am! Since the start of this month, I have been thinking, dreaming, and claying away dragons. So…I will only feature two of those dragons today using both for the tutorial. As per the announcement last week, your project for this week will be to create your own Wendyll dragon. My first dragon is the one pictured above. In order to get started claying your best dragon ever, you will need a block of polymer clay.

You can use the clay straight from the package, or create a mix with streaks, stripes, and character. The choice is yours. But the first thing that you will need to do is condition your clay. So go ahead and use the whole block if you want. Just know that your dragon will be supersized!

And sometimes, supersized can be really fun. A dragon is up to interpretation on how you think if should look.

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You basically want a head, body, and tail. Drahons do this, you will start with a ball, roll it to a pear, and stretch and shape it from there. His tail was made longer after this picture was taken. But before you do anything you need to decide what you will do with your creation as that will determine what he looks like. You will need to shape your dragons headthe most important part. When that is dragnos you want to move onto the tail.

Long tails, short tails, medium tails … whatever! Frifsen up the back and make some wing pads for the wings to lay against if you are not putting wings on your dragon, you may omit this step. And then do the final tilting, rotation, or placement of your dragon head pages Do you like it?

Does something need fixed or reshaped. Do not go ANY further until you are happy with how your dragon looks. Just squish, squash, and start all over! Start with large teardrops and flatten with your fingers while giving a little curve on the end.

If you have opted to not put any wings on your dragon, skip this step and go to the next one. Since this dragon is an ornament for my hubby, I placed a piece of wood between his wings to keep it open for a string when he was finished so he could hang on the tree. Now add your eyes. Look out for Zombie eyes, as Christi calls them!


best Here Be Dragons images on Pinterest in | Dragon art, Sculptures and Dragons

Dark eyes are good, light colored eyes look like you woke the dead. Remember when adding your eyes that there is a right and a wrong way to embed your beads into the clay.

Please see this tutorial on embedding beads into polymer clay to properly insert beaded eyes into your sculpture. Give your dragon some eye lidsin multiple colors, the same colors, new colors, whatever, be creative.

Start with a small circle, roll into a tapered snake, and smoosh flatter. There are hundreds of expressions that you could use to give your dragon some personality. Think about what you want your dragon to convey. Is he mad, happy, sleepy, angry, or hungry? You can communicate those emotions in his eye lids. See the book on pages for eyelid demonstrations and some hilarity from Christi.

You can tell that my green dragon is all stuffed up … no smelling for this dragon as alas, I forgot to give Monty a nose, poor guy!

Start with small circles, roll into teardrops, smoosh semi-flat, and then detail them. Your ears can be: Embed some beads in key places to give your figurine some character. However, Chrjsti made the decor for Monty much simpler and less detailed … why? If you are afraid your dragon will burn or crack in your oven, try these helpful tips to prevent that from happening.

If you like your dragon just like he is when you take him out of the oven, then you can skip this step. Arm yourself with your paint brush and sponge or baby wipes … I prefer baby wipes. Then dab the ftiesen all of your baked creation. Really shove it into the nooks and crannies.

Then simply wipe away with a damp sponge or baby wipe. So wipe gently please! Here are a few before and after pictures of Alfred. I then finish my dragons by adding a coat of Varathane Varnish.

I use this because not only does it go on without bubbles, but it dries really fast compared to other finishes made by the polymer clay companies. This is what I personally recommend for all your polymer clay projects due to ease of use, lack of bubbles, and quick drying time. Likewise Christi recommends either Sculpey glaze or Varathane varnish. For more finishing details see page 39 in the Dragon tutorial book. The Friesen Project is done in conjunction with Christi Friesen.

All tutorials are retaught here with her expressed permission. Please make sure to read about the project here, and get answers to the most common FAQS here. If you would like to join the project, feel free to sign up here.

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In many ways, this project is similar to our Dragon Project from Christi that we started on at the beginning of fragons year. So get excited and make yourself […].

You can use this tutorial as a guide to help you with your […]. Generally any kind of sprayed varnish will react with the clay over time. Take your knowledge of dragons inspired by Christi Friesen and use that knowledge to help you with your […]. Thanks so much Katie!!! I do a lot of beading and have some Swarovski crystals in hand, will try them now. Hi, Is it OK to bake the Polymer clay pieces with Swarovski or rhinestones like when using them for eyes and crown.

Thanks for stopping by San — Absolutely it is just fine to bake polyclay pieces with Swarovski crystals or rhinestones. Just be sure the materials you are using are safe to bake up toall glass is fine to bake in the oven. Chrissti there a difference? How can I upload my Wendyll dragon and read the blog?

Here be Dragons : Christi Friesen :

In case you missed the tutorial, you can go here to read it now. This is so much fun. Together we made 2 of them. His decorations were a little different but all his. I will have to see if his Mom will take pictures and send them to me. I will be making on of my own this weekend. Thank you for bringing this wonderful opportunity to all of us. You have a very Christi like way of writing instructions….

I want chritsi go start sculpting right now!! Friesfn cute with wonderful explanations. The Varathane is best. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Polymer clay is the most shared community in the world, please do not ruin that by going against US copyright friesn. You Might Also Like: Does the spray varathane varnish work as well as the brush on?

Here be Dragons : The Cf Sculpture Series Book

Thanks so much, Katie!!! Katers Acres The Friesen Project: Enjoy — let me know how it goes. WHere are you trying to add your dragon? To the Pinterest page or fgiesen the Facebook page? I may actually be able to do this project this week. Oh Marianne I do hope so!!! I want to see what you make!


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