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Buy Hach N Laboratory Turbidity Meter, EPA compliant, VAC and more from our comprehensive selection of Hach N Laboratory Turbidity Meters. Find great deals for Hach N Turbidmeter Laboratory Turbidity Meter. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Hach N Laboratory Turbidimeter, EPA, Vac The USEPA-COMPLIANT N Laboratory Turbidimeter from Hach is designed to measure turbidity in.

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We appreciate the hsch of individuals and companies making their documents and resources available to our community. If you find a document or resource that does not belong please let us know by emailing info labwrench.

More about Hach Company. Getting a reading from RS connection. All buttons also ceased to function. Any service manual for this?

November 6, Conference Agenda Learn the latest trends and applications in water quality by attending an educational presentation to hear One Solution For Both Objectives. For questions about using the LabWrench web site please call us. Description Features Photos 1 Documents 2. Light from a tungsten-filament lamp is focused and passed through the sample. The degree scatter detector receives light scattered by particles.

Transmitted and forward scatter detectors receive light that passes through the sample. A back scatter detector in the AN Model shown here measures light scattered back toward the light source. Ratio and no-ratio turbidity measurement modes are selected using the ratio key located bach the instrument keyboard.


With ratio toggled off, turbidity is measured using only the single degree detector. Benefits of the ratio mode include long-term calibration stability, wide measurement range with excellent linearity, and the ability to measure turbidity in the 2100 of color.


Easy calibration – Display prompts the analyst for each standard and automatically adjusts the curve as needed. There are no manual potentiometers to adjust.

Easy operation – Simply place the sample cell in the compartment and close the light shield. Low range measurement – Resolution to three decimal places between 0 and 1.

Ratio and non-ratio measurement modes – Operator selectable modes. Flow cell – Instruments accommodate a range of time-saving flow-cell accessories. Expanded ranges – Designed to measure turbidity over a wide range using three selectable readout modes to NTUs; 0 to 26, Nephelos; and 0 to EBCs–with manual or automatic range selection and decimal point placement in each range. Signal averaging – Minimizes noise and display fluctuations to provide true baseline measurements.

Hach-Lange 2100 N Laboratory Turbidimeter User Manual User Manual

Function may be selected on or off. Easy calibration – Calibration has never been easier with the step-by-step protocol built into the instrument’s microprocessor. Air purge system – A built-in air purge connection is provided to purge the optical compartment with dry air and minimize condensation on the sample cell. Flow-cell capability – Instrument accommodates any of three specially-designed optional Flow-Cell Systems for improved reproducibility, accuracy and convenience.


Easy to operate and maintain – Convenient push-button switches on the front panel pace the user through microprocessor-controlled options for instrument operation and calibration.

Bright LED display and clear annunciators – Digital display is easy to read under varied lighting conditions and viewing angles. Self diagnostics – Self-test diagnostics detect error conditions. Error messages are referenced in the manual with corrective action information. Comprehensive information also is reported to permit trained service technicians to diagnose malfunctions precisely by telephone, FAX or mail.

Carries the European CE compliance mark.

Two-year warranty – Hach warrants the AN and N Turbidimeters against defects in materials or workmanship for two years from hsch of shipment. Manuals and Resources Note: January 9 th0 Replies Post a Reply. July 5 th0 Replies Post a Reply. Low Level Turbidity – Forum: October 2 nd0 Replies Post a Reply.


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