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Description. Brand New Genuine JBL H Compression Driver #X used in models: SRX; SRX; VRXM. Buy the JBL D8R H Diaphragm at Full Compass. Diaphragm for JBL H in the following cabinet models: SRXVRXMSRX Buy JBL Factory Speaker Replacement Horn Diaphragm H-SL, D8R SL: Tweeter Diaphragms – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible .

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Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of I have read one member’s opinion 242h this forum on the sound of 22452h comp driver and have seen the measurements which by the way look very good. It seems that in this case listening impressions and measurements are in agreement. What I would like to know if possible is the degree to which the newer h-sl betters the older h.

Also, I would tend to believe that the larger part in any sonic improvement would be borne by a better phase plug design.

JBL H 8 ohm dirver diaphragm – Sound Speaker Repair

This is a very interesting question. I would like to ask another one. Do the and the share the same hole pattern? Zilch, Great work in those posts, thanks.


JBL 352328-001X Compression Driver 2452H

It was your comments and measurements in these that I was referring to regarding the as you seem to be the only one thus far with first hand experience with this driver. I just wish you were just a wee bit more forthcoming with your impressions bjl the driver’s sonic performance.

Especially since you ‘ve had a number of other units through the shop giving you a good perspective from which to compare and contrast. But don’t let me twist your arm I would be busy playing with these toys myself if I had em too, instead of writing about em By the way, do you know if I am right about the phase plug design being straight? Just curious about jb. Thanks again for your tests and write up, some very interesting stuff indeed.

While my initial enthusiasm about these drivers met with a chorus jbbl yawns here, they are now apparently on the “Approved” list. I don’t write much about how stuff sounds to me, because it’s so subjective. What I kbl say is that H-SLs are on just about everything having a 1.

Replacement Diaphragm JBL H For SRX, SRX, VRX, 8 Ohm Drivers. | eBay

Jbk factory curves on PWT are very much different from other 4″ drivers. It’d be good if Techbot could post the engineering specs in Tech Info for the forum’s benefit Originally Posted by Zilch.


Originally Posted by B. Originally Posted by horndawg.

Originally Posted by Mr. When did that happen?

I have to get out more often. Originally Posted by scott fitlin.

Cheaper than JBL be. Originally Posted by hjames.

If you really want accurate sounds, just get instruments and play the songs yourself! Its always nice to have a topnotch competater to keep the prices UP Originally Posted by Maron Horonzakz. Does that mean we are going to start invading other countries and facilitating the execution of their leaders to get raw materials for loudspeakers too?

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