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The Body has ratings and 29 reviews. Elizabeth said: Carl told me I’d love this, that it was the perfect time for me to read it. And I did, and it wa. Jenny Boully (born ) is the author of The Book of Beginnings and Endings ( Sarabande Books, ), The Body: An Essay and [one love affair]* (Tarpaulin. The primary text is dead and gone and the subterranean text is full of dead authors: Jenny Boully’s notes collect fragments from literary and.

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I think you should consider milking the absolute until unbearable most out of this concept.

In correlation with what R. In the following paragraph I get that there is a shift in perspective, there are quotes from Joyce, Derrida, and Dante, and there is a symbolic erasure of a lover or identity as seems suggested to me through your quote.

Jenny Boully

Maybe you could spread these concepts out and give them more individual depth. All the same, how sad and strange that I, Jenny Boully, should be the sign and signifier of a sign, more-over, the sign of a signifier searching for the signified.


I was the lonely tripod. In general, I think the review is heavily compressed and perhaps too self-constricting. It could be expanded to be more personally involving without seeming too much so.

Tuesday, March 17, The Body: An Essay by Jenny Boully. An Essay is an exercise in the stripped-down economics of the page and the poem: Let it exist this way, concealed; let me always be embarrassed, knowing bojlly you know that I know but pretend not to know.

Certainly that this is pushing genre boundaries to their breaking point: But the daydream is mostly folly; Boully is not concerned with what the text might be doing, but what it is doing. In the morning, the doves cooed their fuck-yous.

And she departed, taking the wrong baggage, the wrong flight of stairs. Over the fire escape, the dress fluttered in the misdirected wind.

The Body: An Essay by Jenny Boully

Because he never said the word, the bits and pieces of her: Dreams themselves are footnotes. But not footnote to life. Some other transactions they are so busy annotating all night long.


After all, in the editing room, the editor often wields greater control than the director. Boully is herself the departed lover, stringing us along with just enough of the right words to keep us baited.

Jenny Boully – Wikipedia

This coyness often feels delightfully earned: Is anything I say real? And by real, I mean sincere—or is everything an attempt to procure love?

I know now why noully line breaks: Posted by Jackie at Daedalus April 9, at 1: Newer Post Older Post Home.


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